Social Stretch Goals

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Our Social Stretch Goals are designed to reward the community on the whole for sharing The Mandate's Kickstarter campaign. We appreciate that not everyone wants to share the things they like with their friends, and everyone on their Facebook feed. Because of this, those of you who choose to contribute to our unique community reward system will help the community unlock unique rewards, without excluding fans who don't necessarily use Facebook. You don't even have to be a backer to benefit!

Every 'like' counts towards the next tier in the Social Stretch Goals, and you could contribute to unlocking free content such as wallpapers, concept sketches, musical downloads, and other goodies. We're counting the publicly displayed 'like' counter on The Mandate's page on Kickstarter, and every time we reach a mile-stone, we release the content. Simple as that!

We setup this page to track the progress of the social stretch goals. The more facebook shares we get on our Kickstarter page, the more freebees and goodies we will make available to our backers.

Here is how you can help:

  • Goto our Kickstarter page
  • Click on the Facebook share icon right below the video at the very top of the page
  • Share the Kickstarter page for The Mandate with your friends

Free Stuff

Here you will find free stuff related to The Mandate, both stuff we release due to meeting social stretch goals and otherwise. Check back often!

Spreading The Word

Spreading the word is important, both to help get new backers and increase the number of Facebook shares

  • Tell your real-life friends and virtual buddies!
  • Show them this page with the free stuff!
  • Give a shout out on forums that you frequent
  • Share links to our youtube channel
  • Play with the Propaganda Machine and create some funny memes to share
  • Use social media like twitter, facebook etc and also share the memes you create with the Propaganda Machine
  • If you are in a clan or guild, chat up with your clan members or guild mates about the cooperative aspects of The Mandate

Optimizing your pledge

As previously stated we do not have physical reward tiers for The Mandate at the higher tiers. Instead we want to engage the community and get your help to fill in some of the lore pieces and design NPCs that will be part of The Mandate. So how can you optimize your pledge and leave a permanent mark on The Mandate?

  • All pledge tiers from $150 and above are special: Each extra copy comes with the $75 Cossack Captain reward tier (season pass, alpha, beta, great captain doc)
  • By combining pledges with friends, you can get more value and have a bigger impact on the game!
  • Example #1: $150 War Commisioner grants a total of three copies, each backer would pay $50 and get the same rewards as if backing at the $75 tier
  • Example #2: $1000 tiers grant a total of twelve copies, each backer would pay $83 and get to take part in a bigger design process and still get all the rewards from the $75 tier
  • We have taken a similar approach for most tiers between $150 and $1000

Digital add-ons

Several of our backers asked for the possibility of digital add-ons as "an excuse to up your pledge" since you are not necessarily interested in additional copies or some of the existing design tiers. We had not planned for digital add-ons, but after some deliberation we came up with the following and hope there is something here for everybody.

Refer to update #21 for more details about digital add-ons

The following digital add-ons are automatically included in any reward tier from $200 and higher: